The Quest for the Golden Apple, Fleece, and Grail

The quest is a myth-theme as old as human story-telling. Herakles. Jason and the Argonauts.  Arthur. All of these heroes faced insuperable odds in their searches for answers to the enduring problems of the human condition.

But, as a dear colleague reminded me today (thank you, Julie Hansen), the answers are never to be found outside of one’s self. No matter how far into exotic landscapes one travels to attain what seems to be an object external to one’s self, it is when inner  awakening occurs that the object comes to the hero.

Happiness comes from within and expands with Mindfulness of the Present.  The answers are already there, inside one,  in the strength, courage, and inner light that grows from mindful awareness of this Place, this Moment, this Experience.


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10 responses to “The Quest for the Golden Apple, Fleece, and Grail

  1. Joseph Campbell is well worth reading on this theme.

  2. Hi Angela, I do agree… and know Campbell’s work (Hero’s Journey) need to look at Lord Reglan’s work now as well. It’s all an inside job… lots of work but it’s worth it. Whenever a loved one thinks a vacation/travel will solve it – I say – “but you take yourself with you!” 😉

  3. I have always been a little bit of a gypsy at heart, Robyn- feeling an almost primal urge to travel afar. This post was a reminder to myself to sit with the discomfort of that urge and just be present for all of the abundance that is right here. LOVE your advice!!

  4. Yes most sages and masters say that ‘eternal joy’ can only be found within ourselves through a quest to know ‘who we are’.
    Thank you for this beautiful post.

  5. Much love to you Angela…and I treasure our continuing dialogue!

  6. Hi, Angela! ~

    I agree, happiness is an inside job. But, authentic community REALLY enhances that happiness!!!

    Your current post once again synchronizes beautifully with mine “Finding Your Passion” — we are all one Mind 😉

  7. I so agree that it is deep within ourselves that we find our happiness but I also feel that external beauties help us to come to that state of well being, be they physical or emotional – a beautiful flower, a kind word, love, empathy…
    All the best to you

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