Road Trip Lament

This blog has been fairly quiet recently, because I took a few weeks to myself to embark upon a good old fashioned road trip, sans computer.  Or, rather, my computer (which I couldn’t quite bring myself to leave behind) lay unloved and unused in a backpack in the trunk of my car for most of the journey.  It was as proximal to a digital-free world as I am likely to achieve.

On my journey, I passed through the Adirondacks, which are as close to pristine wilderness as one is likely to encounter on the U.S. Eastern Coast.  No road signs on the highways, very few electrical wires, and a scant few dwellings mar the unbroken horizon of crystal clear lakes set among pine-green mountains.  The air felt alive with the energy of growing things.  My breath was deep, slow, relaxed, cleansing.  Birds of every size soared above me.  I knew that nestled in the woodlands were beings that have disappeared from far too much of this world–moose, wolves, beavers, foxes–who could drink from such waters in relative safety.

I have mountain spirit running through my blood.  I feel at home among them.  They are my friends, my soul-mates.   My gypsy heart longs to be with them again, discovering their hidden secrets and keeping them sacred.

Sadly, the Adirondacks beckoning me home were only a layover on a journey to Montreal.  The cityscape, by sharp comparison, was a harsh world of pavement, glass and steel scraping the sky, traffic jams, multi-national corporation headquarters, and fashionista clothing districts aglow with the surreal light of neon lettering.

Even my breath here, in this manufactured place of en masse human habitation, was crowded and fast-paced.

In my heart, I mourned for all the growing things that have to die to make place for our race.


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14 responses to “Road Trip Lament

  1. The contrast is often staggering to me as well Angela. Beautiful post, and I am so glad you got a good dose of what seems to me, ‘the way it’s meant to be’. I suppose some would disagree – but that is my instinct. Much Love ~ RL

  2. I love road trips…took one from Long Island to Savannah, GA and back during the winter…great time to regroup and renew…

  3. I frequently entertain the possibility that we in “The West” took the wrong path about three centuries ago.

  4. Beautiful post. I love it.

  5. marietta

    the love of the mountains comes from your alpine heritage. I have it too. My eight week road trip a couple of years ago took me thru the catskills and I had the same spiritual experience

  6. I loved this so much. This past week, I spent three days camping in pine-covered mountains and I fully understand your sentiments. Their impression on my spirit will be forever lasting. Your post has been one of the inspirations that has got me writing again! I think I’ll write about the trip. 🙂

    Thanks so much for your skillful, rich writing and beautiful insights.

    • That sounds so fantastic!! I can’t wait to read about your trip, and I’m so delighted to hear that you’ll be back in the saddle of posting!! After I returned from my trip, I decided that I needed to really experience the Adirondacks more fully; so, my partner and I are going on a week-long back-country camping trip there quite soon. If you have any camping tips, we’d love to hear them. She’s pretty experienced–I’m more of your average car-camper 🙂 So glad you had an awesome time.

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