Prayer in a Contentious Political Climate

May I surrender the struggle to change myself and others.

May I surrender Frustration and Anxiety as Expressions of the Persistent Belief in Separation.

May I rest in the awareness that I Am

and That All Beings Are Worthy of Celebration

and that my Being and Your Being are Empty of Separation from Each Other.

May I understand that Doing does not perfect Being

Any more than Not Doing Makes Being Imperfect.

May I Be Witness to Attack Thoughts as they Arise

And as They Fall Away,

Resting in the Awareness

That I am Not my Thoughts

And Neither are You.



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12 responses to “Prayer in a Contentious Political Climate

  1. Eternally timely. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. I make this my prayer too. Thank you for grasping these eternal truths. May they be scattered into every heart near and far. With love, Shaz

  3. Perfect words to live by ~ may we always remember them… xo Much Love ~R

  4. As political life in many countries appears to be reaching lower and lower levels of behavior, it is good to remember thoughts such as these. Thank you.

  5. Thank you for these heart-stirring words.

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