Thank You for the One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you to both Arjuna of The Wondrous Dharmma and Yaz of Free Your Mind for nominating Zen Being for the One Lovely Blog Award.   I really love both of their thought-provoking blogs for very different reasons.  And, I appreciate these awards–not so much for the award itself (though I am honored), but rather for the opportunity to share with other readers blogs they may not have encountered before.   And, so, in no particular order, I pass on nominations for the One Lovely Blog Award to:

Fierce Buddhist

I Stop for Suffering

Donkey Whisperer Farm Blog (from one animal lover to another!)

Worldly Winds

Julie Hansen Intuitive

Pocket Perspectives

Through the Healing Lens

Recovery Through my Lens

I know that many bloggers do not accept awards. For those of you who do not, please just accept my appreciation for all you do.

Peace and love,



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4 responses to “Thank You for the One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Dear Angela–You have warmed my heart. Thank you for the award and for enriching my life with your words and beautiful light filled energy. Peaceful blessings-Julie

  2. You deserve the awards 🙂

  3. thank you so much Angela….your blog is such an inspiration…warm smiles to you, Kathy

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