Distant Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is a modality of energetic healing.  “Ki” (= “Chi”, “Prana”) is life-force energy. When it disperses, life ends.  “Rei” is conceived of as the universal force that gathers “Ki” and animates all living beings.  Thus, “Rei-ki” means something like, “Universal Life-Force Energy”.   The practitioner of Reiki, through an energetic attunement given to her by a Reiki Master, channels life-force energy into the client, helping to clear away stagnation and allow the body’s own healing processes to be supported.  The Reiki practitioner  serves as a conduit for Reiki energy to flow into the client.  This energy has what we might describe as an intelligence, which allows it to go exactly where it is needed most to help heal physical, mental, and emotional discomfort and dis-ease.

Because energy follows thought and has no boundaries, it can transcend great distances.  In the realm of the energetics, all beings are composed of energy, and energy travels along the pathway of intention.  Therefore, distant healing sessions are not only possible, but profoundly effective.  Recipients of Reiki, both hands-on and in distant healing sessions, often describe experiences of deep relaxation, coolness, tingling, or heat, vivid imaging, and emotional release of trauma that has caused stagnation in one of the body’s energetic meridians.

If you would like a Distant Reiki Healing Session, please feel free to contact me in the comment field below.

Peace and Light,

Angela Pitts

Reiki Master

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  1. It was a helpful post. Thanks…Reiki Healing

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