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  1. Just reading this post gives me a calming feeling 🙂
    Thank you


  2. I’ve just spent FOUR hours creating some “pages” with the intention of trying to get/progress toward this basic understanding…and I can’t seem to get there…do you have an email link, by chance? I know what I’m working on but can’t step outside it to get perspective….I could use some help and I think you have understanding that might add some clarity…or I could stick the pages I’m working on up in the “greenhouse” tab in my own site… wow, sometimes understanding can be elusive!

  3. Hi there, PP,

    If I understand your question, it is about how to create a page? Clarify if I have misunderstood. You just go to the admin site (i.e., the “back-end” administrative center of your blog) and click on “Pages”. Create a new page the same way you create a new blog post.

  4. If your question, however, was about the poem which the Wondrous Dharma posted from the Tao de Ching, may I respond with another poem (#2) from the same collection:

    When people see some things as beautiful,
    other things become ugly.
    When people see some things as good,
    other things become bad.

    Being and non-being create each other.
    Difficult and easy support each other.
    Long and short define each other.
    High and low depend on each other.
    Before and after follow each other.

    Therefore the Master
    acts without doing anything
    and teaches without saying anything.
    Things arise and she lets them come;
    things disappear and she lets them go.
    She has but doesn’t possess,
    acts but doesn’t expect.
    When her work is done, she forgets it.
    That is why it lasts forever.

  5. I think I needed to read this today. I was scrolling through your posts as I needed to catch up on your writings. Yes, this “ordinary life.” I often find myself thinking, lately, as my 40s quickly approach, about how I used to think that I was destined to do “amazing things.” I had wild ideas about what that meant in my 20s. Now, what I am coming to terms with, is just leading an “ordinary life” and that being enough. I am still sitting with that. The “amazing things” I have done are: have patience with my little ones when I’d rather explode, choose to forgive and let something go when I KNOW I’m right (and let that go too!), stop and pause and be present to the person that I am with. Simple, everyday things like that. Maybe I will still do “big things” some day, but I am finding that I am letting go of those expectations, desires, etc. Still a work in progress though! Thank you, Angela, for this post today. I have a few more of your posts to catch up on now! love, lisa

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