Transforming Spaces

Making the world around us a better place starts with transforming our mind-based thoughts into pure consciousness.   Meditation, over time, helps to raise one’s energetic vibration and helps to protect one from absorbing and holding onto the negative vibrations of others (e.g., anger or irritation, fear, shame, chaos, etc.) via  Metta–the practice of generating kindness and goodwill towards all beings.  Compassion neutralizes negativity, because love generated within the whole being, from the sub-cellular level outward, neutralizes fear-based thoughts, actions and reactions.  Metta cleanses as it radiates.  We can carry what we learn from Metta into our daily actions and activities, thereby increasing our Mindfulness, as Mindfulness and Metta go hand-in-hand.

The Monkey Mind will often make us leave the spaces we enter into in a more chaotic state.  When we are hectic or worried or angry, the spaces we enter into carry will be affected.  When we live without Mindfulness, we may leave a room messier than when we entered it, making it less comfortable for others who enter into it.  Or, if we clean up a space in irritation at others who have left it messier for everyone else, the irritation that we feel poisons the quality of our thoughts and the quality of the energy that we bring into a room.  Have you ever walked into a room knowing without a word spoken that someone in it is irritated?  That irritation occupies space, and makes it uncomfortable for others to be in the room.

One really wonderful practical way to integrate Metta into our daily activities is to simply decide to leave each space we walk into a little cleaner and more positive.  Leaving a space in a more positive state than when one entered into it is an act of self-love and love for others.  When done with Mindfulness and love, it is an act of blessing and an act of inner purification.

  • If a room is untidy, for example, take a moment to straighten it up.  If you don’t have time to clean it fully, just mindfully replace one or two things into their rightful place and feel good about doing so. Un-cluttering a room with Mindfulness and Love increases your own vibration.
  • Or, play a little healing music for the houseplants, which are also energetic beings and flourish in positive environments.  The plants, in turn, will help purify the air you breathe in that room.
  • Organize a bookshelf in disarray.
  • Burn a little incense or sage with mindful intention.
  • Say a little wish or prayer for the well-being of all who enter this space.
  • If you practice Reiki, send distance Reiki to a space you know you will be entering (your office, for example, or your in-laws’ home).
  • Or, just send a Mindful blessing to that space,  with the intention that all who enter and leave it, including yourself, will be better off for having done so.
  • Recycle or find another home for an object rather than throwing it away.

There are so many ways in which we can attend to the spaces we enter.  Use your imagination, fueled by goodwill.  If we go around blessing the spaces we enter into, we engage pure Consciousness.  We live out compassion and love, thereby purifying our own energetic bodies and making the world around us a better place.





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24 responses to “Transforming Spaces

  1. Hi! Sis, Great post! Thanks! With metta

  2. Metta is better!
    A really useful piece of advice.

  3. Wow Angela, This is the second time in a short while that this concept of Metta has presented to me. Thank you Angela – this was a great post. I never considered what you describe in regard to maintaining one’s “space”. I will be sharing this with my family members who tend to let things get out of order, not realizing it can have an impact as you describe so well. Some of what you describe I do instinctually, but will now be more mindful. It makes a ton of sense ~ Much Love to you

  4. Also, at the service for my dear friend who passed recently – someone recited ‘The Metta prayer” — quite beautiful 🙂

  5. marietta

    really love this – so very true
    I have a weekly Divine Order to do list with sub titles as prosperity , cleansing ,rejoicing, connecting, creating, gratitude and wanderlust etc
    – then I list the to do items for the week – I found it to be a wonderful practice and as I cross off the items completed, I am mindful of my successes /completions in a spiritually positive way. examples setting up my budget and paying the bills now brings me in the mindfulness of prosperity

  6. Organise a book shelf in disarray – my other half would love you. 🙂

    • Haha–so would my other half!! It’s one of those things I’m working on, because I know it drives her crazy, lol! It’s so nice to be able to do it out of love.

    • marietta

      Remember we create the world we live in. Changing the words ” to do list” – to “to create list”. Now I have joy and peace and divine order as I oversee my creation

  7. marietta

    Remember we create the world we live in. Changing the words ” to do list” – to “to create list”. Now I have joy and peace and divine order as I oversee my creation

  8. This is wonderful Angela :-). Love & blessings to you lovely friend ♥

    • Gool

      Great post offering practical advice for creating positivity in spaces around us through simple practice. Gool Desai

  9. Reblogged this on istopforsuffering and commented:
    Another wonderful post from Angela. This resonated with me so much ♥

  10. Hey there, I have also been doing some clearing of my home spaces, very useful and liberating. Liberation through engagement. Speaking of which, another site you might be interested in if you haven’t already come across it:

  11. Angela, this is a great reminder…and timely…many of us are “getting ready” for fall (as our kiddos soon go back to school. ANd i’d imagine you, too, with teaching!). And with fall comes this “focus on hearth” again and spending more time indoors at home. Your suggestions/ideas here are ones that kindled some creativity in me! I love the reminder to play some music to cleanse the space and to animate/connect with plants. I am finding that with two little ones, our space becomes cluttered very easily. Or — cluttered in MY terms! We live in a small but light-filled space. I find myself tidying up a lot but needing to let things go and allow things to just be how they are – mess and all. i guess that’s another practice — allow and accept! Love, Lisa

    • You are sooooo right–sometimes just letting go and allowing things to be as they are is Metta love!! Thanks so much for visiting and for leaving such a thoughtful, light-filled comment. Hugs and much love to you, A

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