The Question is, “How May I Serve?”

“Thought-forms that are emerging from a sense of connection are so much more powerful than thought-forms which are emerging from a sense of separation”– Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Life  sometimes seems demanding, and we often have a tendency to live out long patches of it in response-mode as we react to the circumstances and stimuli that we encounter, trying to keep up with the hectic pace of this technological, economy-centered, career-oriented age.  We often find meaning in the living as we go rather than embrace and enlist our greatest powers of deliberate creation.

The simple question, “How may I serve the highest good?” can be a powerful internalizing tool to awaken the deliberate creator within.  Asked at the beginning or close of a meditation, when one is contemplating a course of action, or even when feeling anxious or fearful, subtle shifts happen.  Fears seem more flimsy.  Priorities seem to shift of their own accord and assemble in a way that lights a path of pure intentional being.   One walks with greater clarity of purpose, caring less about other people’s judgements.  Life seems full of possibility and potential.

Inevitably, the question, “How May I Serve?” will help to enlighten and make visible the divine guidance within one, which always seeks connection, which always knows the truth, which is always sure of itself, and which always expresses itself as loving gratitude.



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27 responses to “The Question is, “How May I Serve?”

  1. That is the most important question. 🙂 Sam

  2. Love this…(and adore Mr. Beckwith also). Excellent post!

  3. Thank you, Sam and Anne. Blessings to you both!

  4. Hello Zen Being,

    I nominate you for Sunshine Award. Details are here:

    Hope you like it. And congratulations!

    Subhan Zein

    • Thank you so much, Subhan–I’m really honored and grateful.

      I just yesterday wrote a post about having been nominated for the Sunshine Award; rather than write another post, I hope it will be ok with you if I add your nomination to the comments of that post?

      Thank you so much–I really am touched and moved, particularly since your blog is one of my very favorites. And, congrats on all of your ever-so-well-deserved awards!


  5. Oh what an excellent video clip! It encapsulates my deepest feelings and my worldview. May I use the clip as a reply on my comment page today? Thank you so much Angela. And what a clarity of vision to go about the day asking “How may I serve?” Sharon

  6. How refreshing in a world where so many seem to ask “what’s in this for me?” to instead ask “how can I serve?”. Thanks for another inspirational post xx

  7. ZenSoapbox

    This is very closely related to a principle I learned about while doing some research on motivation and success. The idea is that when you see something that needs to be done, do it. Don’t wait around for someone else to do it and don’t think, “Wow, someone should really do something about that.” Just do it. It’s also closely related to Gandhi’s principle of becoming the change you want to see in the world. Thanks for the post!

    • You know, that’s something that my dad always taught me. He was a simple man–high school education, small town most of his life, blue collar, and one of my favorite people in the whole world. “If you see something that needs to be done, do it.” He lives that every day of his life, and he has the respect and love of everyone he ever meets, not least of all his daughter. Thanks for such a wonderful comment!!

  8. Hello ‘Errant’,
    I am nominating you for the Commentator Award. See my post for the guidelines:
    ~ Paul

  9. i wish, including myself, that we thought in this way more often, what can i do for others, instead of what i can do for myself. God please help us to serve others as you love us and forgive us for our sins.

  10. So inspiring, thank you.

  11. I love MBB. I must admit that I have some discomfort around the notion of service. There can often be the implicit idea of subjugating oneself to an external agenda, of surrendering autonomy and agency. We women have a lot of baggage to overcome around cultural ideas that we are here to serve everyone but ourselves. I prefer to use the term “adding value”. So the question for me is “how can I add value”? To me that feels way more empowering than how can I serve? Having said all that, MBB highlights something super important in the video. He distinguishes between serving the dying paradigm vs. serving the highest good that is seeking to emerge. That’s a vital distinction. It’s so important to be clear in our intention about what it is that we choose to serve. Otherwise we risk spending our life force straightening deck chairs on the Titanic. Perhaps that’s service, but it’s not adding value. Thanks for yet another instructive and insightful post!

  12. A very thoughtful and valuable video segment, reminding us to ask ourselves how we may serve the highest good, and then be open to the possibilities within our giftedness to make a contribution. Thanks for sharing it, as well as your helpful reflections.

  13. Thank you for the inspiration and introducing me to a this great energy. Happy to find you here and looking forward to reading more. Shine on.

  14. I have just copied this beautiful story for you to answer the question ” How may i Serve” ?

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