Living Beautifully


Yes, you must live beautifully and not allow the spirit of the world that makes gods out of power, riches and pleasure make you to forget that you have been created for greater things– to love and to be loved.  —Mother Teresa

As a child, I knew deeply that I was created for greater things, and Mother Teresa’s example was all I required as proof.  The gods of this world often confused me, and I did not understand their allure. Children usually do understand their true purpose far more fully than their parents do, until, out of habituation, they grow into servants of the gods of their parents (and I would include among these gods fear, worry, and self-doubt).  Jesus understood this:  he counseled his followers to be like children to enter Heaven (which I believe is a state of Consciousness).  Suzuki Roshi understood this, when he counseled his followers to nurture a “Beginner’s Mind” if they wished to have a “Zen Mind”.

It is never too late to reclaim one’s true purpose.   Living beautifully is a moment-by-moment affair, and that affair is the great love-affair of a lifetime.



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  1. Robyn Lee

    This really made me take pause again Angela (your posts tend to do that!). So do agree – children have a much purer bond with their source than most grown-ups who have been influenced by external forces. Those who become aware of the ability to return to that state of pure positive energy, are the truly enlightened beings. those of us who are “working on it” are on our way! Thank you for once again – being a light in my day with this reminder! Sending Love – RL

    • So beautifully put, Robyn. Our spiritual task, then, is to become like children again–wide-eyed with wonder, and having no fear about loving or being loved. Thanks so much for reading and for sharing your illuminating thoughts.

  2. Beginners mind…such a vital thing to remember…I’m fortunate that I have two grandsons so I get to marvel at the joy they find in the littlest things…a wonderful reminder…thanks

  3. “Grow up!” we are told. What a misuse of language. Remaining “a wise child” is by far a better way forward. 🙂

  4. I was just reminded by someone this morning to be in the present – and now I’m reading this, it’s like another affirmation to be in the moment – something children do much more naturally, I think, than we adults.

    • The synchronicities of the universe are always so wondrous! Glad this resonated with you as an affirmation. Experiencing every moment as dear and participating in every moment fully often does have to be re-learned, doesn’t it?

  5. Oh definitely! This is so true! And captures how I also feel. The immense pull to do something greater for mankind.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Thank you for posting.

  7. Beautiful. Thank you 🙂

  8. “The word God has become empty of meaning through thousands of years of misuse…people who have never even glimpsed the realm of the sacred, the infinite vastness behind that word, use it with great conviction, as if they knew what they are talking about. Or they argue against it, as if they knew what they are denying.” Eckhart Tolle

    This piece that you just wrote stirred me so deeply that I have been meditating on what you said and even what was left unsaid. I too had felt since I was a child that I was born to do great things and when I met you, I knew you also felt that way! I think all children are born with this special love message engraved in the inmost essence of their beings as a special gift given from the divine.

    It is so true however, that it can be such a confusing world for a child whose innate leanings towards the spiritual is natural but perhaps those who first introduced them to spiritual matters themselves had not come to a place of real understanding of what that means apart from religious rituals and laws. And what a terrible injustice to impart the most wonderful truth in life to a child in a form that is furthest away from the truth.

    I am glad that you found your path in life. And it is so true that in yearning and doing greater good for humanity, we find our true selves. With so much love and oneness from your friend, a beginner and student of life. Shaz

    • My dear Shaz,

      The quote you shared from Eckhart Tolle resonated with me so deeply. And, your insights described my own experience perfectly. As a child, the religious was the looking glass through which I could catch a glimpse of the sacred, which was so much more vast and infinite than the religious rituals and laws that I was told I must fit the sacred into. It seems that you had a similar experience, and have had many growing pains as you have had to burst out of the bonds of your inheritance to open yourself to a more encompassing purpose that takes in its sweep all that you have inherited with so much compassion and love.

      I am so very honored to know you, friend; and, I feel that I have known you from childhood. your soul sister, Angela

  9. A very inspiring post! It resonates with the wisdom of The Buddha “Life is not worth living, without a purpose or meaning”. Buddha passionately believed that people could lead meaningful lives if they understood its underlying purpose.

  10. Angela! Yes, this so resonates with me, today and in this season of my life. It was funny and lovely to read how you too always thought you were destined to do great things, even from a young age. I always felt this – the clearest memory is when i was in third grade and I was in a church play. I “knew” I should play a main part — didn’t get it. It wasn’t about EGO knowing I was to be someone great. It was a MOVEMENT from within me. Now being a mom, that call, that vocation, is still there. AND there is a movement within me to “do the great things” of everyday — with kindness and regard and mindfulness. And there is little attached to “being someone great” ie with a lot of power etc. Thank you for this reminder and opportunity for me to reflect on this! Lisa

    • The small things are the great things, aren’t they, friend? Compassion, Kindness and Mindfulness, as you insightfully noted, are great movements from within. Any action or word coming from a place of love does change the world. I love your story about feeling that the part in the church play was destined to be yours because you felt the calling to participate in creative union with the love of the universe. I’m so blessed to have come to know such an inspired and inspiring woman!! Hugs and thanks for your wonderful comment.

  11. You have an inspiring persona my friend and it is contagious in a good way – always trying to do the best for everyone else, the world would be more beautiful 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  12. I have the pleasure of nominating your blog for the Sunshine Award. Congratulations! Please see my post for details of receiving the award.

  13. My dear Angela, if you have some moments to spare today, make yourself your favourite cup of coffee, sit back, relax and watch this. I hope you will be blessed. Thinking of you with my love! Shaz

    • My dearest Shaz,

      Wow…thank you so much for sharing this man’s vision and art with me. It simply took my breath away. It was precisely as he said–“Oh My God”–what a sacred experience!!



  14. Victoria Pitts-Taylor

    so right on grrl

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