Blessings Prayer

May I remember my true purpose, to forgive, to love, and to bless, in this and every moment.

May I be a clear conduit for blessings  for myself and others

May I be blessed in this moment with Mindfulness and Gratitude

May the spaces I enter and leave be more blessed than when I found them

May I bless instead of judge others

May I bless myself whenever I begin to think a negative thought about myself

May I remember my purpose–to forgive, to love, and to bless

(**By “to bless” I mean something like,  “to see, acknowledge, celebrate, and reflect back the divine nature of a being”)



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17 responses to “Blessings Prayer

  1. very special…I just left “sitting” for a few minutes…sometimes, our golden retriever likes to sit up straight and tall,back to me, facing frontward, in/on my lap when I sit on the floor….she got a bit unsettled today…wandering mind?…. so I just stopped to feed her and let her out…ah…the blessings… I just printed out your blessing prayer and will take it back with me to sit some more now….to remind me of so many blessings…it’s very special.

    • Wow–thank you so much for your lovely comment!! Please give your girl a good scratch behind the ears from me. I’m sure she felt the relief of those blessings, lol!! I appreciate your kind words and send you and your girl a huge hug.

      • Nali did get a nice scratch and hug from me…she is the sweetest dog. And noticing the mention of metta…I was fortunate yesterday to be at an all day metta and essence love practice day with Sharon Salzberg and Tsoknyi Rinpoche… it was a special day…and I noticed that today I really felt such a sense of a full heart…toward myself and others…a sense of blessings….

      • How wonderful!! What a transformational experience that must have been!! I’m just delighted for you.

  2. An extremely practical and useful practice to cultivate.

  3. That’s so beautiful! It is very much like Metta!!

  4. Lovely prayer. I too will print this out. Thank you xx

  5. Lovely. Blessing others is a way of blessing oneself.

  6. I like “May I Bless Instead of Judge Others.” Practice, practice, practice.
    Nice post. 🙂

  7. I love this. Can I quote/credit you and use this to share with others in my classes?

  8. Thank you for your wise and wonderful posts. This one is worth memorizing!

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