A Positive Body Image = A Healthy Body

A recent editorial in the New York Times written by Victoria Pitts-Taylor, a Professor of Sociology at Queens College and the director of Women’s Studies at the Graduate Center (both affiliates of the City University of New York) AND my fabulous sister, argues that:

No matter what size a person is, a positive body image is an important part of being healthy; a poor body image is unhealthy. Feeling good about ourselves surely helps us care for ourselves better; feeling bad about ourselves doesn’t make this easier.

Please check out this wonderful editorial from one of the most beautiful, courageous, and inspiring women I have ever had the honor of knowing–a brilliant, rock-star feminist who has been invited to share her lectures in many parts of the world and who has been consulted as an expert on a number of TV and radio programs, including the National Geographic Channel.

Her journal publications are too numerous to publish here, and her books include:



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2 responses to “A Positive Body Image = A Healthy Body

  1. It gives me great pleasure to nominate you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Please go to my post of May 8 for more information about receiving this award.
    Thank you for inspiring me!
    ~ Paul

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