Celebrating Others’ Successes

Celebrating the successes of others is a very simple way to increase one’s own experience of joy immeasurably.  Listening deeply to the success of a colleague, friend, or family member can help one identify and rectify any blockages that may be present on the pathway to fulfilling one’s own aspirations.  Opening up one’s self to full appreciation and gratitude for another’s success helps to shift one from an experience of lack to an experience of abundance.  It helps to dissolve any subconscious, negative beliefs one may hold against one’s self, while it simultaneously helps to dissolve the illusion of separation.  When one holds another’s success in one’s mind as an object of celebration, negative impulses vanish and positivity, generosity, and loving kindness flourish.

Thought for the day: “Your success is as dear to me as my own eyes.”



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34 responses to “Celebrating Others’ Successes

  1. Oh my goodness, I ADORE this!!! So very true. And what a wonderful way to cultivate more compassion and gratitude. Thank you ♥

  2. Oh, thank you, my dear friend! It ties in nicely, I think, to your magnificent piece on listening deeply: http://istopforsuffering.wordpress.com/2012/05/03/everyday-wisdom-32-8/

  3. What a beautiful post! I truly believe that in celebrating success for others we invite that same energy into our own lives. Kindness and compassion are such rich soil for cultivating love, gratitude and one-ness. Bless xx

  4. “To feel resentment at a man’s good name,
    His happiness or virtue is a shame;
    When envy of his virtue we disown
    And greet his happiness as if our own
    Then we will find Immeasurable Joy.”

    – from “The Four Immeasurables”


  5. Would you believe how very often I have been thinking of exactly the same issues and then I see them magically appearing in words in your blog?! I have noticed that the majority of people have not much problem rushing to the aid of a friend in need but rare are those who will rush with that same pace to someone who has met with success. Acknowledging someone else’s victories never diminishes our own but rather enlarges the abundance of good. By releasing a compliment, we have our arms open for more goodness. Thank you for being a friend who celebrates! Hugs.

    • I echo that, Leafinspringtime 🙂

    • I just love these kinds of synchronicities!! I’ve often thought how enriching it would be to organize a cadre of bloggers to think about and write on a single topic–what a great conversation that would be!! Your thoughts, for example, on celebrating others’ successes–brilliant and oh so true!! I am always so deeply appreciative of your warm and wise perspective. Thanks, Shaz, for contributing to this conversation. Huge hug!!

  6. Inspiring to think about…..thanks

  7. Brilliant post! Thank you 🙂

  8. Beautifully expressed… and so very wise. Thank you for continuing to teach such important lessons!

  9. I agree. Finding joy in the achievements of others can only be sustained within a poise of love and kindness. And by letting go of negative beliefs, we enter into a true freedom of the mind… and the heart is then allowed to fly! Thank you for your inspiring thoughts.

  10. This is so true. Celebrating someone else’s success also helps me to realize that this is a way that success (or whatever quality I am appreciating) is already in my life in some measure. As you say, vicarious celebration allows me to have the experience of gratitude for that quality/situation, regardless of whether the particulars happened to me or not. Great post!

  11. Brilliant.
    We are all One with all. If one succeeds, everyone succeed. Collective thoughts and behaviour is very strong and positive thing. Thank you for the wonderful post 🙂

  12. I love this post. This is one practice I have learned in recent years and it has brought me more confidence, strength and happiness. Actively celebrating other people’s success, good fortune or positive attributes feels good; it is also more sensible than jealousy or envy. Rarely are we truly in competition with those around us; rarely do their gains have any impact on us, positive or negative. Yet often we choose to experience others’ gains as our losses despite all evidence to the contrary. This causes pointless pain for ourselves and others and deprives us of joy we might otherwise feel.

    • So well put, Victoria. We are all so trained to believe in an economy of scarcity which lies at the heart of competitive capitalism. But, we all have access to myriad forms of abundance, including the happiness that attends one member of the community thriving 🙂 thanks so much for a brilliant comment!

  13. Thank you. Excellent post!

  14. Participating in others success is an opening ourselves to the universal energy. Thank you for sharing this lovely post!

  15. Ahhh Angela, you speak such truth! Over 20 years ago, I started on this journey of celebrating others — realizing that celebrating them and their success, beauty, whatever good fortune that they had, did not diminish me or my dreams or my potential. If anything, it showed me “ahhh! this is possible!” This challenges the dominant thinking in our world of “scarcity.” That belief is not our true nature. AND of course, we are all connected! I so breathe that and know that now, deep in my bones.

    • How long it took me to learn this beautiful lesson that you did over 20 years, ago, Lisa. Isn’t it a wonderful blessing to see such possibility shining in the lights of others’ eyes, knowing that we are all connected? Thanks for a lovely comment!

      • Oh Angela, it has been a very incremental process! more like a spiral, no?! just when I think i’ve “mastered” something, another layer appears that is still around my heart and needing to be shed!

      • I know exactly what you mean!! My latest post bears witness, lol. ‘spiral’–I like that–layers needing to be shed. That feels so on point!

  16. Hi, Angela! ~

    I love this!

    Reminds me of an experience years ago, after a terrible break-up with my spouse, when I was sitting behind a loving couple in church. The man pulled her chair closer to him and put his arm around her. They seemed so much in love that it made me ache with jealousy.

    Then, I caught myself and said, “Linda, they are just showing you what is possible! Be grateful!” I really believed it! Long story short, because I opened my heart to celebrating with them (in the privacy of my own heart and mind), instead of competing with them, I now have a truly loving relationship of my own 😉

    • Isn’t it amazing how simple awareness can shift the quality and energetic resonance of our thoughts and, by extension, what we create? I love this story–thank you so much for sharing it. And, I wish you and your beloved many happy years of loving bliss!

  17. So lovely 🙂 In addition to giving love and happiness to someone else, life is presenting success to you to choose from for yourself.

  18. Excellent post!Brings out the joy of generosity. Thanks.

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