More Silence, More Space, More Dignity

Like every other being, I am a creator.  To create, I require space–the space of a pause  to breathe in the middle of a busy day, the space of time and a quiet corner to sink into meditation, the space to honor the dignity that I deserve and that every being whom I encounter in my day deserves.

There was a time not too long ago when I would have occupied all of these spaces with flurried multi-tasking and the leaking, frantic energy of rushing from one ‘fire’ in the belief that I had to be present to put out another.  In fact, I was not really present for anything I was doing.  I was reacting to circumstances as they arose rather than allowing enough space in my life between reactions to be able to breathe, become inspired, imagine, and create. My hectic lifestyle and work habits were actually quite counter-productive and often resulted in rushed encounters with my fellow human beings in which I extended neither to myself nor to my friend, colleague, whomever the dignity we both deserved.

Now, I make a daily Mindfulness practice (some days more successfully than others) of giving myself and others more space with the aim of granting us all more dignity.  I just allow.  I allow myself space for emotions to settle in difficult conversations before I speak with the conscious aim of communicating simply, honestly, and clearly.  I allow others the space to be, feel, and do without believing that I need to change them or myself on the basis of their perceptions.  I aim to be calm, focused, and present for every word spoken, for every endeavor undertaken by just allowing each moment to unfold.  I aim to suppress speaking when what is probably needed is the allowance of a little space that silence can create.  The more I hold this intention of “just allowing” in my awareness, the more allowing things to be in a pause or state of rest happens.  What we focus upon we manifest.

More silence, more space, more dignity.  My new mantra.



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22 responses to “More Silence, More Space, More Dignity

  1. I like that…more silence, more space, more dignity…. that’s a really helpful mantra…

  2. Allowing space to one’s self and to others … to be, to feel, to do … this is a helpful idea! I too like your mantra.

  3. I like your mantra too – on a personal level and also thinking of it on a global level – striving for more space, more silence and more dignity in the world.

  4. I’m loving your new mantra. It’s now mine too! 😀 Thank you!!!!!! Did you know that I was exactly like you mentioned – Queen of Multitasking and Frantic Living 😀 I should have gotten some Award for all that I managed to squeeze into every minute. Ohhh…how wonderful to be proven wrong and to see a better way of life exists and the best part is that life has actually become more productive the more centred and mindful I’ve become since I slowed down. Btw, I just thought I’d call you Zen (is that ok?) I have always loved the word and the name. It was one of the names we considered when we were planning to have our second baby if we had a girl. Much love, Shaz

    • Isn’t slowing down glorious? I am such a happier person, and I can give the gift of being happy to all around me. What a difference it makes in others’ lives to encounter happy people! I am honored that you called me Zen. The funny thing is- I was just listening yesterday to a wonderful speaker who asked the audience to pay attention to the names that other people call us, because they have significance. What a beautiful name for a baby girl…

  5. Here is a stanza from “Rambling Home” (

    “And as for rushing about the place
    Trying to get someplace else all the time
    Without enjoying where you were
    Or are – Just remember this
    Speed, time taken, isn’t important
    Rhythm, style and grace, is important”

    Seems as though we both arrived at the same conclusion, 😀

  6. Ahhh, what you write here is lovely. I have incorporated the “more space” and “more allowing” and just being in my work with clients over the years too. Just space to hold it all without jumping in to talk or fix it or “work” with “it.” Yes. A LOT more silence, enabling a person to just FEEL it all, hold it all, and see it all shift (and usually arrive at a tender, open heart). Love it! Thank you for this reminder! Lisa

  7. marietta

    I really love this – it is so relavent to me and mine

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