A Dream, for my Sister

Wolf-Eyes track you,

a Halcyon mid-sky,

embattled by winds,


straining to hover,

heart aglow

above the plane

beyond which

is the deep, dark

passage to bottom.

I see you.

I cannot take my eyes

from your eyes,

frenetic with freedom,

shallow with weariness,

seeing plane of shore ahead

and the straining wolf-eye-gaze upon it,

forsaking the earth

I walk upon

in favor of flight

against time and space

and  gravity.

I see

from green shore

your choice,

rather to be

ravaged in the heights

by warring elements

from all zones of the heavens

than to know a single moment’s

wingless grounding

through Wolf-Eyes.



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10 responses to “A Dream, for my Sister

  1. This is simply incredible ♥

  2. Your choice – so lovely

  3. Wow. How do you do that! That’s one powerful piece of writing – skillfully executed. I had wanted to come visit here only when I had a stretch of time because I know I’d do no justice to this piece of work otherwise. Would you mind explaining to me the final paragraph about seeing “your choice…” I would so much love to hear your message if you have time. Thank you so much. Shaz

  4. Thank you, my dear friend. I’m humbled and honored once again by your kind and generous nature. The last paragraph is really about acknowledging and respecting another’s free will, when that beloved one is living in and for extreme struggle, striving, ambition, and what seems to belover’s point of view as impulse to fly higher and higher without pause or rest in the space of heaven that is filled with contestation. A fall, or too much weariness to continue flying without respite, and there is that deep abyss below that would swallow her (or so it seems to the shore-bound wolf). The wolf sees the bird’s weary eyes and glowing heart and, like a wolf’s nature, wants to guard, protect, not lose sight. But, It is acknowledgement that the belover’s point of view (the earth-grounded wolf-eyes, i.e., my way of living and seeing the world) is seen and understood by the bird, but not chosen in favor of the exhilaration of flight. We each have our own nature. Does this make sense? Thank you so much for spending a little of your precious time here, my friend. It means so much to me.

    • My dearest Zen, reading your poem again this time after your explanation was even more powerful to me!! Now I have to sit in silence for a moment and let it all sink in because the imagery of both the Wolf and the bird is so intense. This is intense, passionate and deeply profound. Oh, how I wish I could attend one of your classes someday! Thank you so much for taking time to guide me through this work. It’s not just beautiful but the underlying message is so precious. Hugs so much.

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