And…another awesome post by “inspire til you expire”; some really wonderful post-writing today!!

Inspire 'til You Expire

It is my belief that Gratitude Transforms 

Remember the next time you are critical towards another person, people have been unfairly critical towards you

Remember, if you are blaming, you are not being grateful towards the lesson learned

Remember, if you are complaining, you are not being grateful for what you have

Remember, if you are yearning for the things you don’t have, the things you do have go unnoticed

Remember, if you are rushing you are not being grateful for the time you have, and the present will pass you by

Remember, if you are in a bad mood you could say something you regret which could not be forgotten

To be grateful is to Awaken to what is

Centering your mind to see things from a prospective of gratitude will transform the images, circumstances, and thoughts towards loving-kindness. There is always a moment in which gratitude can be experienced…

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  1. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post by your friend.

  2. It was my honor to do so. Thanks for reading, Mark!

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