Everyday Buddhas and Angels

Miss P. is a client of mine whom I see every Friday when I volunteer at a local clinic which provides a variety of health and social services to those in our community who are most under-served. I prepare for this work by meditating on the prayer in my previous post, and it has been extraordinarily and powerfully impactful in helping me put aside my ego, really be present, and be a clear channel for an intelligent love far greater than my own to direct the synchronicities and events that occur during the sessions.

At this clinic, I share Reiki with any of its clients or staff who wish to experience it, and unless she is physically ill, Miss P. never misses an appointment.  As Miss P. experiences physical blindness, she cannot drive, and must make arrangements that take up half her day in order to come for a one hour session.  She usually arrives at least half an hour  (but, more usually, an hour) early, and must often wait at the clinic long after our session has ended for her ride to retrieve her.

None of these inconveniences deter her from taking the opportunity that the universe has provided to her to do a little self-maintenance.  She waits with patience, grace, cheerfulness, and peace. Nor does she come into the session believing that someone else (i.e., the practitioner) holds the magical key to the unlocking of the doorway to her own healing experiences.  She listens to her body deeply; she has a profound spiritual life; and, she remains attentive to those areas of her life which negatively affect her health and state of mind.  When I was working on her crown chakra the first time we worked together, I repeatedly and distinctly “heard” the words “God bless Jesus”.  This was certainly not my own prayer, and so when the session was finished, I asked her if she had a spiritual life. She responded, “Oh, yes, oh yes! Why do you ask?”  When I shared with her what came through to me from her crown chakra, she laughed and said, “Oh, child!  You got me!  Yes, yes, yes!  Where would I be without that simple prayer every day!!”

During our session yesterday, I “tuned in” to a deep and old experience of anger that had manifested as an energetic disharmony in her wrist and elbow.  I don’t often tell clients what I experience during the session, because I think what they experience is far more important.  But, if they ask, I offer, and she asked, so, I told her.  She responded by saying, “So that’s what that terrible pain in my elbow all day yesterday and this morning was all about.”

Then she shared with me that she had been asking God to help her identify whom she still needed to forgive.  She’d clearly received the answer.

She shared with me her stories of people in her life who had hurt her when she was a child; people in her life who had harmed themselves and, in their self-destructive tendencies, had harmed others whom she loved.

And, then she said something that struck me profoundly.  She said, “I thought I had forgiven them.  I truly thought I had forgiven them.  But, I had not let them go and released them with love into God’s hands.”

My dear Miss P., what a Buddha and Angel you are.  Your revelation became my own, too.  Your directing your will to have your attention directed by grace to what remains to be done was a messenger to me to clean my own house.  And, in my dreams last night, it became clear to me whom I still need to release with love.   Your revelation was shared by your own messenger.

Asking and receiving are the same. Forgiving and being forgiven are the same.  Loving and being loved are the same. Giving and being gifted are the same.

With all my heart, I thank you, my Buddha-Angel, my Miss P.



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13 responses to “Everyday Buddhas and Angels

  1. This is so thought-provoking – as always. I love that you also practice Reiki – you continue to amaze and inspire me. Much love to you, Meg

  2. The sentiment is mutual, I assure you, Meg!! Thanks for your support and love–hugs to you and your little man!!

  3. Such a touching story, and yes… revelation for us all! Thanks for sharing such a terrific encounter with Miss P!

  4. loved reading this – what a wonderful connection you’ve made with this incredible woman!

    • She is an incredible woman–and there are so many such incredible people all around us. I am reminded of a poem you recently posted (“sobaka“), which so poignantly articulated how little is required for all beings to interconnect. Thanks so much for reading!!

  5. People around us teach us so much and open our eyes to the new level. Great to have such an encounter. Thank you for sharing the beautiful story.

  6. What a powerful post! And the fact that you are always open to learn and practise self-introspection is such an inspiration to me! Please tell me more about Reiki. I would love to learn more about this. Thank you so much and many greetings to little Miss P.

    • Thank you, my dear Shaz!! Very briefly, Reiki is an energetic healing modality in which the practitioner channels positive energetic vibration into the client during a relaxing, restorative session in which the client’s brain-wave frequencies enter into the theta state. In the theta state, the client often experiences wonderful healing imagery, deep relaxation, and meditative repose. The practitioner can often correct some of the larger energetic imbalances that may be present in the client’s body. For more fine-tuned adjustments, I usually go see an acupuncturist. Reiki is Japanese in origin, and I’ve really benefited so much from it–on all levels of health and wellness (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).

      I will most def. send your greetings to Miss P.

      Love and hugs!!

  7. Love the beauty of your humility. It allows you to open up to experiencing in a genuine, loving and sensitive manner. – d

  8. I am a Christian too but also I can see the value that Zen Buddism brings to people and I am hoping to in some way incorporate that into my life to help with my anxiety and other issues. There are many faiths worldwide which have alot to offer us and teach us. I used to practice Yoga but haven’t for a whlle and also I would like to stop smoking at some point because that is doing so much bad to myself.

  9. I have suffered from a fairly substantial anxiety dis-order most of my life. I personally found meditation and mindfulness practices, which Zen Buddhism teaches, to be the antidote. If you haven’t discovered it yet, there is a wonderful book by Zen master Thich Nhat Hahn that you might enjoy, “Going Home: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers”. A quick, but moving read. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. God bless!

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