All Things Are What You Eat

“All things are empty of a separate existence….All things inter-are” –Thich Nhat Hanh, on the “Great Heart Sutra” in The Heart of Understanding

Mango, soft, sweet, succulent, Ganesha’s world

Walnut, stone, hard exterior, a little nutty sometimes

Broccoli, roots deep, crown embracing sunlit sky

Blueberry, night sky horizon purple, moonkissed

Kale, alluring deep-sea green, showing off my fringe

Roma tomato, a tear-drop of glorious red, sunkissed

Olive, salty, juicy, fruit of trees generations past

Apple, tangy, autumn glow

Beet, earthy, rounded, fertile

Water, once the sea, then a cloud, soon to be a teardrop

McDonald’s french-fries, heavy, greasy, vaguest hint of once having been a growing thing

Mountain Dew, nuclear-neon, over-caffeinated, syrup-goo, river-pollutant, aluminum-rust

Fast-food cheeseburger, was I once really an animal with light of life shining in my eyes?

Cheetos, orange dye #65 and red dye #34, wrapping eternal land-fill material

All things are empty of a separate existence.



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17 responses to “All Things Are What You Eat

  1. Great! We take food very seriously in my family…will need to share this with gang – and send the girls in college. Thanks Erran. Loving your blog posts!

  2. I love this so much–especially the olive (and I don’t even like olives!). You are a true poet!

  3. A wonderfully poetic way to compare what Nature creates and what Man creates. So beautiful and what a great educational message. I sometimes look at our well-stocked supermarkets and realise that if we pare all the contents down to a quarter, we’ll all still be more than fine. Thank you my dear! Many hugs and to good health and the simple life!

    • You are so right, Shaz! Hundreds of choices for sugary cereal made from the cheapest of grains takes up a whole aisle of the grocery store closest to my home. I’d so much rather have a greater choice of unusual fruits and veggies grown by local farmers. We are lucky to have a marvelous farmer’s market every saturday. Do you have one near you? As ever, hugs!

      • Farmer’s market is quite rare simply because of the extreme weather conditions which stops much of farming during the long winter seasons. There is a farmer’s market box which one can order and it comes as a mystery box because we never know what’s going to show up inside! πŸ˜€ Those are mostly root vegetables. However, there is an excellent selection of organic fruits and vegetables imported from nearby Spain, Italy, Israel. But you might be interested to know that the EU recently banned all sale of battery eggs and only organic or free range eggs are to be sold. We have been out of eggs since Easter and it’s been a good three weeks since we had any eggs at home! But today I went to the store and the egg sections had filled up with Finnish homegrown organic eggs πŸ˜€ Finland is one of the “greenest” countries I know and that’s such a big plus for me. I’ve been on a macrobiotic diet these last two years. A lot of detox, juicing and coffee enema. Oh we have so many things to talk about don’t we over a cup of tea!! In the meantime, I’ll be writing mini-blogs in my comment slot! Thanks for reading!!!!!!!! HUGS xxx p.s. I’d love so much to hear your diet and food preparation. We can swap recipes!

      • I hope someday to visit Finland–I love deep snow, deep, cold winters, and the thawing world as spring finally tip-toes its way across the landscape. I can’t tell you how much it makes my heart soar that the EU has created this legislation. Factory farms pain me so–I feel so much for all creatures who are imprisoned and forced to live in squalid, slavish conditions. My partner’s parents have a little farm with chickens–they are so happy and they give us eggs with blue shells πŸ™‚ I tried a macrobiotic diet a few years ago when I ate fish for a little while. Honestly, it felt really healthy, balanced, and good for my body. I felt energized. How is it treating you? We DO have so much to talk about over many cups of tea. I will pour one for you today when I take an afternoon pause, and I will summon your presence into my living room so we can chat like sisters, lol!! YES–let’s swap recipes!!

  4. Very interesting! I guess the old saying, “we are what we eat” really does hold true!

  5. Well worth writing and reading. πŸ™‚

    As for “you are what you eat”, see also:

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