Beautiful Blogger Award–Thank You!!

The Beautiful Blogger Award is for creativity, originality, and overall contribution to the blogging community.

It is really a blessing to receive this award from Shaz, because I now have the opportunity to express how deeply her blog, A Leaf in Springtime, has touched me.  She never fails to stir half-forgotten wellsprings of nostalgia, childlike wonder, and reminiscences of divine grace.  Her words resonate with me like the echoing summons of a long-lost sister whom I have always known and knew would return some day.  She reminds me that connectedness is the natural state of the soul beyond the thin veil of the senses, which too often distract us humans from experiencing our true state of being.  When she shares her experiences among the women of war-torn Afghanistan, her childhood in the rural rice-fields of northern Malaysia,  stunning images of a half-frozen morning in the woodlands of Finland, and the poetry of Hafiz, I find myself feeling in a place beyond words, “I, too, am connected to this much beauty through you.”  So, I thank you for the award Shaz, but I can’t express how much gratitude I feel for the beauty that you are, create, and share.

So, the reward stipulates that those who receive it share 7 things about them:

1. I learned how to drive on a stick-shift, and every car I have had has had a manual transmission.

2. I put myself through college by joining the Army National Guard, which paid for my tuition.  I did not fit in so well…

3.  If I were to be marooned on a deserted island and could take one book with me, it would be Homer’s Iliad (in Greek).

4. I have sisters who are identical twins.  I can sometimes understand their wordless “twin” language.

5. I won my first dance competition when I was in 8th grade.

6. One of my sisters, who is now a professor of Philosophy, sometimes calls me in the middle of the night with a “Greek vocabulary emergency” (usually when she’s reading Aristotle).  Some families have mechanics or lawyers, but my family has a Classicist.

7. My other sister (the other twin), who is now a professor of Sociology, is writing an exciting book– a sociological  ‘manifesto’ on neuroscience and feminism.

And, now, to extend the award to other bloggers.  If they choose to accept, they should:

  • Post a link to the blog of the person who nominated them
  • List seven random tid-bits about themselves
  • Extend the award to 7 other bloggers and post links to them on their page
  • Notify those bloggers that they have received the award and what they should do if they wish to accept.


Maze A Day–This blogger’s maze-art challenges the viewer’s perceptions. That is always a good thing.

Through the Healing Lens–Poetic photography of the natural world accompanied by inspired reflections.

Source of Inspiration–Beautiful love-letters from source to self, stunning images and videos, and the children of Brazil. This blogger manages to pull together and harmonize wonderfully eclectic material.

Zendictive–charming and instructive parables paired with whimsical images.

rococonnor–reflections on meditation and fantastic suggestions for 15-30 minute daily meditations.  Really clean, crisp site– feels almost like walking into a healing sanctuary.

The Book of Guff–haiku poetry and short, eminently useful words of daily wisdom like, “I see what I decide is happening, but I do not choose to have an emotion about it, especially not a negative one.”

Auburn Meadow Farm–reflections from a “kicking the industrial food habit” farming household; they raise their cattle with love, respect, and gratitude. Great recipes that help the creative cook use up odds and ends from the pantry. Waste not, want not. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 20 years, and I LOVE this site!

Blessings and love to everyone. Happy Sunday!!



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16 responses to “Beautiful Blogger Award–Thank You!!

  1. Thanking you kindly for the Award and for your praise for The Book Of Guff. 🙂

  2. So honored Erran…congratulations and thank you with all my heart!

  3. thank you and congrats (~_~)

  4. After reading this, I went about light as a feather, my heart warm as a roasted chestnut and happy like a child. Angela, your generous and encouraging spirit speak volumes about the person that you are and it means the world to me! How does one say thank you after receiving such singularly unsparing kindness? Not only in words but deep within me I will always remember this. Shaz

  5. Wow – not one professor but a whole brood of professors!! Your parents must be bursting with pride! (dream kids of all Chinese parents) 😀 I’m curious now – I’m guessing you must either be a Prof of philosophy or theology? Love your seven bits about you!

    • Well, my mother wanted me to be a nurse, but she’s learning to live with professor, lol!! I’m a professor of Classics (ancient Greek and Latin languages, literature, culture). Good guess, though!! I’m in an interdisciplinary department of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion. A happy family are we!

      • Dear Prof!! Latin too – I just knew it! Oh wow, I really wish I could attend your lectures – seriously. When I was young, I wanted to study Literature at the university. Somehow that didn’t work out and I ended up reading Law instead. After the richness of thoughts, words, ideas and the study of human nature that I so loved in English literature, Law was like sifting through piles of dry dusty tomes. It was pure torture those four years I tell you!! 😀 I did enjoy some bits of it Philosophy of Law was my favourite. Criminal Law was exceedingly exciting too. But there’s just no scope for imagination in the study of law. I got through law school by memorising volumes and cases 😀 So, I do so still cherish this dream of studying literature in an American university (this part is of course heavily inspired by The Dead Poet’s Society)!!! I just watched Debra Streisand’s movie the other day The Mirror Has Two Faces where she played the part of a Lit Prof. I miss being in a classroom studying actually! 😀 One day when my kid is older, I envision myself enrolling at the University and studying English Literature and being the oldest student in class. Oh, I somehow know that you are an EXCELLENT professor and that your students enjoy your classes immensely!! Have a wonderful day shaping minds, ideas and thoughts Angela! Hugs xx

      • I really love that you desisted from practicing law, even though you had studied it so thoroughly, when you discovered that it could not satisfy the creative urging of your soul. I have a friend (a lawyer) who finds that he must speak and act in opposition to who he really is every day in court. This has made him wretched and miserable. He is a sensitive, imaginative, kind being who tears himself apart every day for doing what is unnatural to him. I hope that you do fulfill your dream of studying Literature–at whatever age–doesn’t matter :). The oldest student in one of my classes was 86. He had always wanted to learn ancient Greek, and so he enrolled in University and came every day. By the end of the academic year, he was reading Plato and Sophocles in Greek!! A dream come true for him. You have a beautiful, creative imagination, Shaz–your photos, poetic prose, and compassionate, empathetic dignity come forth in every post and affect people in ways you can scarcely imagine. I’m sure your child is as wonderful as you are!! Hugs!!!! xoxo

      • Oh the poor man – what a way to live! Reminds me of one of my father’s friends – an extremely intelligent chap who earned top bucks at some accounting firm if I’m not mistaken. On his retirement, he told my Dad that everyday for the last 30 years he had to force himself out of bed to a job he absolutely loathed but couldn’t get out of. My Dad told me what a waste of the best years of one’s life to live like that! So my Dad allowed me to be a kindergarten teacher for a while, then I travelled a bit and finally came back and worked as a journalist with an english daily. I always knew I loved to write and journalism offered a new dimension of writing and gathering facts. Anyways, when you posted about that young man who didn’t get accepted to the university of his choice, it struck a chord with me – in life we sometimes take detours but perhaps we needed those detours just as much. I’ll come enrol in your class when I’m 86 ok 😀 Isn’t it great that our best years are still ahead of us and what we have right now is already pretty amazing! Hugs xx

      • Amen! to unexpected detours!! So many people feel trapped…it is so inspiring to me to encounter people like you who listen to the summonings of their higher selves! When you are 86, you can take my class, and I will assign your books!!! The best is what we have right now, the present unfolding of love, gratitude, meaning, creativity, and vision! xoxo

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