The Webb in the Egg

This morning, I received a wonderful gift that reminded me of the great web of connectedness to which we all contribute our thoughts, energies, and creations.

Katie, my lovely partner, was walking through the park with our canine pal, Sydney, when she found this nestled in a patch of new spring shoots:

She smiled as she handed it to me, and said, “Open it.”  How well she knows me!!  To my great delight, I found:

“The world connects not by molecules. It connects through Ideas, hopes, fears, dreams, actions, stories, and memories.” –Barrie Sandford Greiff

Thank you, Barrie and Katie.  It only seems right to share it and continue spinning the web in the egg…



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7 responses to “The Webb in the Egg

  1. Thank you for sharing these great words. 🙂

  2. My very great pleasure, Francis. I hope you find something to delight you in this lovely spring day.

  3. Wow…truly a treasure found! Love it.

  4. What a wonderful quote…and inside a charming little egg amidst new shoots…definitely fits with “plant flowers…pull weeds”..that quote is definitely a seed of a flower…or a lovely new web in the midst of flowers..

  5. It is wonderful, isn’t it? It has been “flowering” in my mind all day! Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Pocket!

  6. That is so wonderful 🙂 🙂

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