Alice says it all…


In case you missed this wonderful link from I Stop For Suffering, which I just had to re-post, give yourself the gift of listening to Alice Herz Sommer-108 year old pianist, concentration camp and cancer survivor, and Optimist of the most Extraordinary Kind.  Her glorious choice to disallow external circumstances while living in a Nazi concentration camp to deter her from inner happiness is the subject of the biography, A Garden of Eden in Hell.

Having lived through one of the darkest periods in human history, she expresses gratitude for all her experiences.  She “knows about bad, but only sees the good”  in all things, in all people–even her former captors.  Her secret? “Music is my religion.” “Smile and laugh at everything.”  This roughly twelve minute clip I will never forget, and I hope it goes wildly viral:

Alice on KarmaTube



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2 responses to “Alice says it all…

  1. It was my honor. Thank you for reading (and for writing- love your blog!)

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