Gratitude Rampage

Today, I am going on a gratitude rampage.  This is a choice that I am making, and I am making it with mindfulness, presence, and fullness of heart.  I choose to see everything that comes my way today through the eyes of Gratitude.  I choose to see all that is. I choose to appreciate all that is around me.

I choose to experience bliss and wonder and appreciation for the smallest of beings–the flowers growing on the tree outside my window, the tomato seedlings I have just planted catching the rays of the sun, the abundance that living simply has offered to me, my wonderful dog, Sydney, curled up in the corner after a hard play session with other dogs, and the list goes on.  My gratitude is as endless as the life around me. My gratitude is as deep as the love I have invited in to thrive and flourish in the center of my being.  My gratitude is unstoppable, and it will peacefully transform every negative action, word, or thought that cannot remain unchanged in my gratitude’s presence.  The world is in spring bloom, and the blooming cannot be stopped by fear-mongering or pollution or even global warming.  I see you–I see everyone–I see everything through the eyes of Gratitude. Thank you, Life!!


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12 responses to “Gratitude Rampage

  1. ZenSoapbox

    Let me express my gratitude for this post. 🙂 _/\_

  2. Because I think you are awesome times two, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Please go to to check out why I think you are amazing and what you need to do if you accept it. Love and light always! MoJo

  3. What a beautiful blog filled with so much appreciation and reverence for all of life. It’s a breath of fresh air. And congratulations on the Award! Sharon

  4. Wow, this is so beautiful. Just love your blog ♥

  5. What a heartwarming post this is…thank you for sharing these special ideas.

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  7. This is so lovely! It’s what I try to do too, appreciate all the little things around us that make our world so beautiful. 🙂

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